Carbon Brush Holder

Range of Carbon Brush Holder

Carbon Brush Holder

All our Holders are made of finest quality Brass, sheet or solid with constant pressure spring assemblies. Specialized options include height adjustability, brush wear devises, quick disconnect terminals and low friction coatings.

Since we manufacture Brush Holders and Brushes, we can design both components to work together to give you the best performance, economy and Brush life possible.

Our Holders are engineered with exclusive features that help to extend Brush life, improve equipment performance, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance expenses.

The use of proper constant force springs can be a significant advantage with consistent minimal wear rate of the brushes, reduced where of the contact surface, less carbon dust, and much lower overall maintenance cost on the unit.

Single Brush Holders

For Commutator motors, wide variety of designs, various pressure systems made of cast or sheet brass.

For high performance motors with heavy loads.Made by Die Casting or Sand Casting, every brush with independent pressure mechanism.

Multiple design made of Die Casting or Sheet Metal, various pressure elements possible.

Double clamping Brush Holders
For Slipring motors.Made of Die Cast.Variably adjustable for different slipring diameters.

V Type (Leg) Brush Holders.
For slipring motors.Designed as single or double leg.Made from Brass Sheet metal.

Plug In Type Brush Holder. For Power / Turbo generators

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