Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers

We will continue to be the first name in the region for carbon brush holder manufacturers and strive for all aspects of excellence to expand our products availability to more countries and markets by enhancing the company presence in the international markets through progressive development of our quality and services for the benefit of our customers as we are the best Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers.

Our vision is to keep the position of internationally most attractive reliable source, cost effective and respected company in the industry.

Our quality is our strength; we have been producing Top quality carbon brushes for over 3 decades with the following major key differentiators as we are the leading Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers:

The best carbon brushes qualities in the international markets based on in-depth knowledge and technical know-how in the field.

  • High standards grades carbon brushes.
  • Carbon brushes certified worldwide obtaining OEM approvals and recommendations.
  • All our products are Genuine guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects with warranty for fitting of purpose.

Naeem Carbon & Industrial Products LLP has been one of the industry leaders in the replacement brush market and a supplier to many major OEMs of DC equipment. Our Carbon brushes are used in many industries including steel processing, mining, power generation, railroad, and motor repair.

All our Holders are made of finest quality Brass, sheet or solid with constant pressure spring assemblies. Specialized options include height adjustability, brush wear devises, quick disconnect terminals and low friction coatings as we are the most reputed Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers.

Our Carbon Brush Holders are engineered with exclusive features that help to extend Brush life, improve equipment performance, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance expenses.

Since we are Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers,Carbon Brush Manufacturers, Slip Rings Manufacturers,Strings Manufacturers, we can design both components to work together to give you the best performance, economy and Brush life possible.