Carbon Brush Manufacturers

Naeem Carbon & Industrial Products LLP is one of the reliable and growing names within the domain of producing, supplying,exporting and being the best Carbon Brush Manufacturers.

Being the foremost successful Carbon Brush Manufacturers in Mumbai , we've our hold on the newest technology and highest quality staple, which make us ready to design and develop industry's best solutions for the purchasers. Our products are widely demanded during a number of commercial sectors and applications and are quality-oriented to satisfy the industry standards.

We are the leading Carbon Brush Holder Manufacturers. We are your one-stop destination to buy for various sorts of Electric Product. Drop us your email to debate any query you've got associated with our offered product range

Our Carbon brushes are used in many industries including steel processing, mining, power generation, railroad, and motor repair which makes us the best Carbon Brush Manufacturers in India.
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Carbon Brush Manufacturers

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Our Products

Our specialty lies in precision engineering and manufacturing of Carbon Blocks, Carbon Brushes, Carbon Brush Holders, Electrical Carbon Contacts, Mechanical Seals, Slip Ring Units, Springs to meet any specification of electrical application

The main categories of Brushes are:

Natural Graphite Brushes
The natural graphite is main raw material of this class of brushes. Here pitch and resin are used as binders. They are baked at about1000℃. These classes of brushes are provided with better lubricating and current collecting performance. Read More..

Electro Graphite Brushes
These classes of brushes consist of various kinds of carbon powders such as carbon black, coke, graphite and so on. They must undergo high temperature treatment at about 2500℃to make all kinds of carbonic material convert to a micro-crystalline form of artificial graphite. Read More..

Metal/Copper Graphite Carbon Brushes
Metal Graphite carbon brush consist of a metal powder composition ranging from 4% to 98% metal ( Copper, plus metal alloys plus graphite ). These classes of brushes are applicable to low voltage electrical machines with heavy load and ordinary requirements of commutation. Read More..

Silver Graphite Carbon Brushes
Silver graphite materials are mainly used on Tachogenerators, or for measuring purposes, or on ships earthing applications.

Resin Bonded Carbon Brushes
These classes of material are identified with letters such as IM, RX & BG. The grades are based on Natural and/or Electro-Graphite material, mixed with artificial resin. This type of bond produces a high electrical resistance which endures the grades with extremely good commutating Read More..